Veterinary Referrals

Providing pets with specialized care to address specific health needs with expert attention.

Here at Golf Glen, we believe in sharing our expertise and knowledge with our colleagues because ultimately this will benefit as many cherished animals as possible. Other practices often refer their patients to our team for our specialized treatments or for a second opinion. We also reach out to our colleagues for help with complex cases. If your primary veterinarian referred us to treat your pet – welcome! We are happy to help all pets in our community!

How can I get an appointment with one of your veterinarians?

If you are not one of our patients, you will usually need a referral from your primary veterinarian. If you are new to the area and do not have a veterinarian yet, you can also call us at 905-727-3003 so we can register your pet as a new patient.

How should I prepare for my pet’s appointment with your team?

Your original team would have already forwarded your pet’s information to us. Unless you were given specific steps to take (e.g., bringing a stool sample) then all you have to do is simply show up with your loyal companion.

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