Nutrition Counselling

Tailored guidance and support optimizing a pet’s overall well-being through proper dietary choices.

Your furry friends rely on you for their nourishment through the foods you feed them. Here at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic we offer nutrition counselling to make sure your pet’s growth and health is on the right path. Our team can help you select the best foods and special healthy treats which are also found at our food store.

What is nutrition counselling for pets?

Nutritional counselling is a dietary checkup for your pet. It is an exclusive examination with a veterinarian where they assess your pet’s diet. Our veterinarian will ask questions about your loyal companion’s eating habits, feeding schedule or if they are having any eating issues. As your pet’s guardian you get to ask questions about their growth. You may even enquire about new foods to introduce to your pet. Once your pet is examined our team may recommend special diets to remove or reduce certain foods from your furry friend’s diet. This visit keeps you on the same page as the veterinarian in terms of your pet’s nutritional needs.

What are healthy foods for my pet?

Healthy foods for your pet are enriched with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat and minerals. When shopping at the store you should look for the words “complete” and “balanced” as these are indicative of meeting nutritional needs and will keep your pet healthy. This is just a general guideline for when you are shopping for pet foods, for a more detailed guide we encourage you to speak with a veterinarian.

What should I feed my puppy or kitten?

The foods your puppies or kittens eat should help with their development. Since their immune system and bodies aren’t fully developed they require extra nourishment. There are specially-marked pet foods for puppies and kittens and these are what you should look for. If your puppy or kitten has a unique condition you may also contact your veterinarian as they can recommend foods that may be beneficial to them. For more information on what you should feed your kitten or puppy call us at 905-727-3003.

Does my senior pet require special foods?

Yes! There are specially marked foods for senior pets that make them less likely to develop health conditions. Our team regularly creates special diets for seniors based on the health issues they have. With a special diet, the effects of an illness can be greatly reduced in your senior pet.

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