Bloodwork is an important diagnostic tool that reveals health information about patients.

Lab work is a great tool in veterinary diagnostics. Blood tests are carried out in both healthy and sick pets. Through lab work our team is can identify and treat various health issues. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to provide this important service to our cherished patients.

Why does my pet need bloodwork done?

There are two main reasons why a veterinarian may require a blood test for your pet:

  1. To establish baseline health. Baseline health is the normal well-being of your pet. This data is needed for pre-anesthetic screening which happens before surgery. Our veterinarians use this information to determine safe amounts of anesthesia and suitable treatments for your pet. Baseline health allows for comparison to identify changes or elevated levels within your pet.
  2. To diagnose illnesses. Some diseases or conditions cannot be definitively diagnosed through physical examinations. Some examples of these illnesses include leukemia, diabetes, liver disease, tick-transmitted diseases and even allergies.

How often does my pet need bloodwork done?

Blood tests are conducted each time your pet is sick. Senior pets don’t need to be sick in order to have blood testing. At the annual senior wellness exams, our veterinarians will perform blood testing to catch early signs of illness. This is necessary as pets age much faster than humans and may experience great changes over that time. To schedule, your pet’s blood test call us at 905-727-3003.

How can I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

To prepare for a blood test food should be withheld from your pet for up to 6 hours. Failure to do this could result in the blood samples being fatty and your pet may need retesting.

Where is blood drawn from my pet?

Blood is usually taken from the veins in your pet’s neck or leg.

How long does it take to get blood work results for my pet?

Our clinic conveniently has an in-house laboratory that aids in rapid analysis of blood, urine, or tissue samples. Some cases which require more complex testing are referred to a laboratory we are affiliated with which may take a few business days.

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