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Arthritis Services for Pets

Pets can develop arthritis, too, just like humans. This health problem is more commonly found in senior pets but pets with joint or bone injury can develop arthritis as well. Early diagnosis can prevent pain in your pet and give them a high quality of life. If you suspect your pet is having joint pain, please contact our team at 905.727.3003 to schedule an appointment.

How can I spot arthritis in my pet?

You should always look out for changes in your pet’s behaviours and movements. If you recognize any of the following contact a veterinarian to have your pet examined.

  • Limping
  • Unwillingness to move or do activities they usually enjoy
  • Difficulty using stairs
  • Irritability
  • Sharp cries when touched on or around joints

    What arthritis treatments are available for my pet?

    Treatment for arthritis is dependent on your pet’s lifestyle, severity of the disease or any pre-existing conditions in your pet. Our clinic offers treatment in the form of special supplements, anti-inflammatory medications and surgery. Our veterinarians may recommend special at home care such as non-slip floors, ramps or anything that will minimize injury. We may also create a special diet along with long-impact exercises to get your pet to a healthier weight in order to ease the strain on their joints.

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