Healthy teeth and gums are the cornerstones of your pet’s overall wellbeing. Dental disease causes more than just bad breath. If left untreated, it can also lead to a host of other problems throughout your pet’s body, including liver, heart, and kidney disease. The best way to prevent this is through regular dental care. The staff at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic is well-trained in delivering quality veterinary dental care. We perform routine cleanings and work with our clients to help develop good dental care practices at home, in between visits. Together we will work to keep your pet’s smile healthy for life.

Signs of Dental Disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Pawing at the mouth

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, give us a call.