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Dr. Danielle Redhill


Dr. Danielle has always been surrounded by animals and knew that she wanted nothing more than to become a veterinarian at a very young age. After 3 years in the undergraduate program at the University of Guelph, she began working as an assistant at veterinary clinics in Guelph and then Toronto to gain experience working closely with animals. Dr. Danielle then returned to Guelph and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002.

Since graduation, Dr. Danielle had been practicing full-time in Toronto and commuting from her home in Newmarket, where she moved with her family in 2008. She happily joined the team at Golf Glen in 2016. Dr. Danielle loves all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery and loves the opportunity to work closely with clients.

Dr. Danielle and her partner Patrick have 2 daughters, Lily and Olivia, and share their home with their cat Parker and two Brussels Griffons - Gigi and Teddy. When not at work, Dr. Danielle can be usually be found at her trailer with her family.


Preventing and Treating Litter Box Issues

Using the litter box properly is one of the universal requirements that most cat owners have. When Kitty uses the box properly, it’s something that we don’t pay much attention to, besides the daily scooping. When there is a problem however, and Kitty has chosen a different location for his or her toileting needs, this can be a huge strain on the relationship that cats enjoy with their owners (and can result in relinquishment to a shelter or euthanasia).

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