Can my dog get poison ivy?

This is a common question!  No, dogs don’t get an itchy rash from poison ivy the way we humans do because their fur protects their skin.  They may get a rash on their nose or have an allergic reaction to the poison ivy, but this is not common.  It is, however, possible for your dog to get some of the oil from the poison ivy leaves on their fur, and then transfer that oil to your skin, leaving you with the rash.  As such, it’s best to keep your dog on leash when you are hiking or camping in an area with poison ivy.

If Fido does come in contact with poison ivy, put gloves on and wear long-sleeves, then give him or her a bath with dish soap.  The oil can be tricky to get rid of so repeat the bath/rinse if you can.  Towels and any clothing that came in contact with the dog should be promptly washed.

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