Spring is Here!

After a long and icy winter, it seems that spring is finally here!  Many of our dogs have gained weight since it was quite difficult to get them out regularly for walks this winter.  Make a spring resolution – call the clinic and come in for a weigh-in and personalized diet recommendation!

In some cases, careful attention to the amount of food and treats being offered is sufficient to achieve weight loss and in other cases a specialized weight reduction food is required.  There are a few pets for whom excessive weight gain is more than winter “padding” but rather represents an underactive thyroid or other medical condition.  We encourage you to gradually increase your furry family member’s exercise and keep an eye on the weight.  If the excess weight is just not coming off, an examination and bloodwork may be indicated to determine what is going on.  We are always happy to help – please call us at (905) 727-3003 to discuss your pet’s specific needs.

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