Dog Bite Prevention

Dog bites are a serious and largely preventable problem.  Most victims are children, with 5-9 year olds being the age group that accounts for the majority of bites. Bites are more common in the summer, in the afternoon, and in someone’s home as opposed to in a park. In addition, the chance of being bitten is increased in multi-dog households.

How can we minimize the chance of someone being bitten by a dog?  Never leave dogs and children alone, since both can be unpredictable!  If you are thinking of adding a dog to your home, consult your veterinarian or animal behaviourist with respect to the breeds that would be best suited to your family and lifestyle.   Ensure your dog is getting adequate exercise, train him or her to allow people to touch their food, toys, and so on, and learn the body language that dogs use to let you know they are uncomfortable with a situation.  A dog with a history of aggression is not appropriate for a home with children.  In addition, your dog should be spayed or neutered since this can help decrease aggressive tendencies.  Seek help from a qualified veterinary behaviourist if your dog shows any signs of aggression, such as lifting his lip, growling, or biting.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Children

From, the three most important things to teach your children are:

  1. Dogs don’t like hugs and kisses
  2.  Be a tree if a strange dog approaches (stand still, don’t run away!)
  3. Never tease a dog or disturb them when they are sleeping, eating, or taking care of their puppies

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of living with your dog, please call us at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic (905) 727-3003.

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