Retirement News

After almost 25 years at Golf Glen, Dr. Dick Weston has announced that he is retiring at the end of May, 2014. Dick will miss his clients, their sense of humour and their pets. He thanks everyone for their patronage, their friendship and the many referrals of friends and family. Dick plans on spending more time doing volunteer work. Dr. Leslie Riley and Dr. Weston have been full partners managing Golf Glen. Dr. Riley and our great team of people will continue to provide our clients with excellent service and compassionate care!

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4 responses to “Retirement News”

  1. Cal Parsons says:

    Dr. Weston we wish you all the best in your retirement and would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Golf Glenn for taking care of our pets over the past 23 years. We look forward to continuing our relationship. Again all the best in your retirement.

    The Parsons Family

  2. Ann Breen says:

    Good Luck Dr. Weston! Thanks for helping me with surgeries for my golden retriever DJ and all the other trials of bringing a dog from Arizona to Canada – he lasted 14 years! My lab Finnegan (5) says he wishes you well too.

  3. Emily Friesen (Jordan) says:

    Congratulations, Dick! It was an honour starting out my veterinary technician career in your hospital and under your guidance. There is no doubt you will be missed! All the best in your retirement!

  4. All the best Dick. You’ve more than earned your stripes. Congratulations. I hear you are going to be doing wonderful things with your retirement time. Enjoy, cheers.