Tips to Help Control Begging for Food

An animal begging for food is one of the most common issues pet owners face and because we love them we often give in to them.

It is a habit that can be beat if we as pet owners show some willpower and discipline. Begging at the table can very quickly become a nuisance but with the persistence shown by all members of the family this is a habit that can be corrected. 

Here are some helpful hints to assist you in defeating the ‘puppy dog eye’ stare that we all fall for:

 * Don’t Give In: Having all family members ignoring the behaviour and being consistent is the key to change. Your pet quickly learns that he/she is being rewarded for this begging behaviour so take a stand and withhold.

 *Observe Dog’s Actions: How often and what gets the most attention? Be aware of moves they seem to be using most often.

 *Don’t Give Them Food From The Table: This just gives them a reason to beg more.

 *Ignore Them When They Beg: Attention encourages this behaviour. Willpower is key here on your part.

 *Don’t Talk to Them: It is common for us to say ‘No’ but if they don’t leave than there is always that chance for us to give in. Talking gives them attention which all dogs crave.

 *Don’t Feel Bad: Your pet has his/her own food and in our hearts we know we shouldn’t be giving them our food.  If you feed your pet before you eat, this leaves them less hungry and less likely to misbehave by begging for more.

 *Be Consistent: If you slip up, it motivates your pet and gives them hope. Don’t give up, it may take some time. Sometimes it takes time for it to sink in to your pet that begging isn’t going to give them what they want.

 *Don’t Use Food To Lure Your Pet: This is only going to make them think that they are going to get this food. Teasing them with food is a definite no!

 *Don’t Lose Hope: Begging behaviour should subside in a couple of weeks but we don’t always get the chance to enforce the non behaviour. Some may give you a hard time because all dogs are different but don’t give up.

 And finally, if  you have visitors come over, make sure they do not give in as well or this could undo all you have tried to reinforce. Reward good behaviour. If your pet has been good, you could put a ‘treat’ in their bowl not in their mouth.  Good luck!

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