Ideas to memorialize your Pet

Having your pet die is truly one of the hardest things that a pet owner has to go through. Whether you made the decision to have them euthanized, or the pet passed away on its own, the grief we feel can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas which may help to give you comfort and closure.

Your pet’s ashes can be put into a customizable urn or buried with a gravestone.  You can also get a plaque engraved and even include your pet’s picture.  A photo album or portrait can be a lovely way to remember your friend.  Jewelry can include your pet’s information and in some cases can even contain a small amount of your pet’s ashes.  Some families choose to remember their pet by planting a flowering bush or tree.  Others make a donation to a charity which is meaningful for them. Many people find the Rainbow Bridge poem comforting – you can find it at


It’s important to remember you are not alone in the range of feelings you experience when your beloved pet dies. There are pet loss support services available by phone if you feel you would like to speak to someone who will be non-judgmental.  Please call the clinic and we would be happy to give you more information.  You can reach us at (905) 727-3003 from 8am to 7pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, with the exception of long weekends and holidays, when we are closed.

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