Winter Weight Loss Challenge….

….10 minutes at a time!
The holidays are over, we have changed our clocks, and there was a bit of spring in the air recently! Winter is almost over….and for many of our pets, winter means a few extra pounds. It is hard to get motivated to get active with your pet when the sunlight hours are short and it’s cold and icy outside. With spring coming, it is a great time of year to get motivated to get active and healthy with your cat or dog. If you have a cat, take 10 minutes each day to play with him or her. There are a variety of interesting toys available in any pet store to provide stimulation. If you have a dog, resolve to make your walks 10 minutes longer.

We see a lot of pets who gain weight in the winter – sometimes a considerable amount. It is healthier to maintain a stable weight, so cut back on the amount you are feeding your pet if the “extra 10 minutes” is not enough. Try using a measuring cup and cutting back by 10% each month if you can’t feel your pet’s ribs easily. Please contact Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic to discuss your pet’s unique situation – we would be happy to be part of your healthy resolution for 2013!

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