Pet Parasites

Dog and cat owners know the joy that these loving animals bring into our lives. However, it is very important that we as pet owners know how to keep them healthy and parasite free. There are many different parasites that we should be aware of. Some can be transmitted from animal to animal or from animal to human, usually via the fecal-oral route (contaminated food/water is ingested or contaminated fingers are put in the mouth). Some of the parasites we find in puppies or kittens are developed when they are still nursing or in some cases before they are even born. Having your new pet tested for parasites is very important not only for them but also for your health as well. It is very important to test their feces on a yearly basis especially if they hunt. Deworming is usually a straight-forward process and we would be happy to help you with medication administration. For more info, visit or call Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic at (905) 727-3003 today to discuss your pet’s unique situation!

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