Veterinarians without Borders Fundraising

This month, all of us at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic are excited to announce we are fundraising in support of Veterinarians without Borders.  This charitable organization works tirelessly to support and improve the health of animals, people, and the environment, while promoting long-term sustainability and community independence.  Veterinarians without Borders embraces the One Health idea whereby healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy planet are intertwined and mutually dependent.  This is critical, considering 75% of all new diseases in the past 10 years have come from animals.  Healthy animals mean lower incidence of disease for all of Earth’s inhabitants.  During the month of September, come in for a nail trim and we will donate 100% of the fee to Veterinarians without Borders, plus your dog will receive a red bandanna for free!  We are happy to accept additional donations towards this great cause. For more information, visit  Please call the clinic today to set up an appointment for a nail trim with complimentary bandanna for your pet.

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