Traveling with your Pet

You are going on a trip and thinking of bringing along Fluffy or Fido!  Any travel plans you make for yourself should also include planning ahead to ensure a smooth and uneventful trip for your furry friends.

If traveling by car, think about how well Fluffy has done on car trips that you have taken so far.  Is she anxious or car sick?  Will you put her in a carrier or use a seat belt harness?

Feel free to call us to address anxiety or nausea concerns so that you have a plan in place for your trip.  You will want to plan for frequent stops to let everyone stretch their legs and let Fido have a chance to relieve himself.  Think ahead about what will work best for cats traveling by car – it may not be safe to let them out of their carrier at a highway rest stop!  Never leave a pet in an unattended vehicle, even on a cool day, since the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly reach unsafe levels.

When crossing the border do your homework!  Check what the requirements are well before your travel dates so that you have any necessary vaccinations and health certificates ready. Don’t forget to check on the status of your pet’s food – there are some that are not permitted to cross the border.

If traveling by plane carefully check the destination country’s entry requirements.  These can be very strict for some destinations and in some cases require micro-chipping and blood work done months ahead of time.  Check with the airline to ensure that your carrier meets their requirements, whether the pet is flying in the cabin with you or in the cargo hold.  We do not recommend that any pets travel in the cargo or luggage area during extremely hot or cold temperatures.  If your pet is highly anxious, please discuss your pet’s unique situation with one of our veterinarians.  It may be safer for your pet to stay at home while you are on vacation.

Are you taking a trip on a boat?  There are personal flotation devices with sturdy handles on the back designed just for pets which may be worth considering.

With careful preparations, traveling with your pet can be safe and successful. If you have any questions about travelling with your pet please call us!

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