Pets and Pools

Many of our canine companions love to swim – in pools, streams, and lakes.  What do we need to think about to keep them safe?

Ensure that swimming pools are fenced in for safety, and don’t let Fido have access to the pool unsupervised.  Teach your dog where the stairs are so he can get out safely.  Consider putting a visual cue on the fence behind the steps, so that he can easily see the exit (contrasting white/black works well).  Also, teach your dog to come when called, so that you can call him to the exit stairs of the pool, or away from deep water or hazardous areas of a river or lake.  Ensure the river or lake is safe for swimming and be aware of strong currents or toxic algal bloom. Consider a flotation device for older or debilitated dogs, or those who don’t swim often – the handles can be used to pull a dog to safety.  Bring Fido some fresh water and remember he can get too hot even when in the water.  Keep an eye on your dog’s condition and take him to shore if he is getting tired. With a few simple steps, you can have a safe and enjoyable swimming experience with your furry family members.   


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